Meeting with the public at EPFL Open Days

It was a special moment to meet with the general public for the TRSC on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 April during the EPFL Open Days on the Lausanne campus. On Sunday, Prof. Anders Meibom, joined by Can Tutumlu from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, gave a particularly enlightening and hopeful talk on the Red Sea, its climate change resistant corals and how scientific diplomacy can contribute to saving them from local sources of destruction: through a resolutely regional approach to conservation policies, on the scale of all eight riparian countries.

In parallel, the 25,000 visitors who took the opportunity to discover the diversity and richness of the research fields offered by EPFL were also offered the possibility to admire a photo exhibition on Red Sea corals, organised by the TRSC. This exhibition will run until the end of May. It can be seen at the Rolex Learning Center, open to the public from 7am to midnight every day.

No doubt, scientific - and diplomatic! - vocations will have been born during this intense weekend.

Prof Anders Meibom, director of the Transnational Red Sea Center.
Visitors of the exhibition on Red Sea corals.
The exhibition will be accessible until the end of May at the Rolex Learning Center.
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