Gulf of Aqaba mission, morning briefing at MSS

Yet another morning briefing at the Marine Science Station in Aqaba for the Transnational Red Sea Center and its partners from the MSS and the Red Sea University in Port Sudan before one more dive on site on shadow reefs along the Jordanian shoreline.

Same program as the previous days: samplings of corals, sediments and water as part of the different programs conducted on seascape genomics, eDNA, and the impact of plastic and trace-metal pollution on corals, as well as 3D-mapping of shallow coral reefs with machine learning.

And every day, the team spirit grows stronger between people from different horizons, but all committed to working together beyond borders for the conservation of the global warming resistant Red Sea corals.

Morning briefing at the Aqaba Marine Science Station before yet another dive session
Scientific coordinator Guilhem Banc-Prandi explaining the different activities that will be conducted under water that day.
Dr Osama Saad from the Red Sea University in Port Sudan, one of the participants...
... and his colleague Mustafa.
Concentration, and good team spirit in the making.
Now boarding towards the diving site along the Jordanian shore.
Heading for a +/- 75 mn dive on shadow reefs.
PHOTO-2022-08-10-11-53-08-3 copie.jpg
Group picture at the MSS once the diving is over.
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