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A message of hope and determination

Building trust and a sense of common good in a region of the world characterised by a high level of complexity: here are two of the key messages at the heart of a conference that took place yesterday at the Maison de la Paix in Geneva on how science and diplomacy can converge to preserve the Red Sea corals and address environmental and stability issues.

To carry this message of hope and determination - and many others soon available in the full video of the conference - three inspiring panelists took to the stage: Yana Abu Taleb, Director Jordan at EcoPeace Middle East, Ambassador Alexandre Fasel, Special Representative of the Swiss Confederation for Science Diplomacy, and Prof Anders Meibom, Director of the Transnational Red Sea Center at EPFL.

Thanks to moderator Achim Wennmann, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Senior Researcher at the Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding, Geneva Graduate Institute, for orchestrating the conversation.

The event was co-organised by the Geneva Diplomatic Club, the Graduate Institute and EPFL in the framework of the Science Diplomacy Week initiated by GESDA - Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator.

A way to bridge not only science and diplomacy, but also Lausanne EPFL-based Transnational Red Sea Center and International Geneva in that global joint effort to save the last coral "refuge" on Earth.

TRSC conference at Maison de la Paix, Geneva, 18 May 2022. © Fred Merz / Lundi13
Yana Abu Taleb, Director for Jordan at EcoPeace Middle-East. © Fred Merz / Lundi13
An event of the Science Diplomacy Week initiated by the Geneva-based GESDA foundation. © Fred Merz / Lundi13
In the presence of Ambassador Alexandre Fasel, special representative of the Swiss Confederation for science diplomacy. © Fred Merz / Lundi13
Prof. Anders Meibom, director of the Transnational Red Sea Center. © Fred Merz / Lundi13
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