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Red Sea corals in the spotlight in Monaco

The Center - Many thanks to our 70 guests, last night at the Monaco Yacht Club as part of the Monaco Ocean Week. Coming from the scientific or business community, the philanthropic sector, governmental or intergovernmental institutions, many of them discovered or rediscovered the unique place that the Red Sea occupies on the corals world map due to the Red Sea corals exceptional resistance to climate change and their ability to survive, while reefs are disappearing everywhere else at an alarming rate

The evening was full of enthusiasm despite the seriousness of the subject, or perhaps because of it. As a matter of fact, several participants expressed their wish to support the Transnational Red Sea Center and its unique – Swiss - approach bridging science and diplomacy, and thus contribute to the safeguarding of the last coral "refuge" on Earth.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Swiss Embassy in France and the epfl, co-organizers of the event, and to the Prince Albert 2 of Monaco Foundation for its invitation to participate in this 5th edition of the Monaco Ocean Week.

Some 70 high level guests attended the presentation, in the presence of HE Roberto Balzaretti, Ambassador of Switzerland to France.
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