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TRSC in the spotlight on BBC Arabic

In August 2022, London-based BBC Arabic journalist Nassim Ramadan and producer of the BBC4Tech program flew to Aqaba where the Transnational Red Sea Center was conducting its first coral mission. He spent a whole immersive day into the work that was being carried out by the team of scientists from EPFL and the region, interviewing and filming extensively to better understand how technology was used, sometimes as a world first, in favor of the conservation of coral reefs.

The result was an amazing 17-minute long report that was broadcast several times mid-November in the framework of the COP27 that was taking place at the same time in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The report features the participation of some of TRSC’s partners: Dr. Ali Al Sawalmih, director of the Marine Science Station (MSS) at University of Jordan, Maoz Fine, researcher at IUI The Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat and Dr Osama Saad, Assistant Professor at the Red Sea University, Marine Science-Fisheries Faculty Port Sudan.

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BBC4Tech, a program dedicated to science and technology by journalist Nassim Ramadan.
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