The Sudan expedition postponed to 2022

The Swiss initiative combining science and diplomacy for the preservation of Red Sea corals will conduct its first series of studies in the summer of 2022 along the Sudanese coast in partnership with the Red Sea University in Port Sudan. The postponement of this first mission is due to the prolonged immobilisation of the sailing vessel Fleur de Passion following an incident in the Gulf of Aqaba on July 21st.

"This postponement is certainly regrettable, but it does not call into question the project as a whole. Our action is indeed part of a long-term perspective and we intend to carry it out regardless of the hazards encountered, » says Prof. Anders Meibom of EPFL, director of the TRSC.

In the meantime, the Transnational Red Sea Center will continue its other activities, including the installation of continuous monitoring stations for the health of corals, in collaboration with its regional partners.

210715_Drone_IUI 14.jpeg
Swiss sailboat Fleur de Passion. Copyrights TRSC/Guilhem Ban-Prandi
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