Heading for Sudan, for good… and heat

A little more than a month after her arrival in the Gulf of Aqaba and long and sometimes tedious logistical preparations, the Fleur de Passion sailboat set sail this Tuesday from Eilat in the direction of the southern Red Sea. On board, in addition to the crew of four Fondation Pacifique sailors, six scientists from EPFL, the Interuniversity Institute for Research Sciences and the University of konstanz have come on board. In Port Sudan, where the ship is expected in a few days – and the temperature above 40° C -, they will be joined by a team from Red Sea University for a first season of activities along the coast.

210715_Drone_IUI_no_logo 1.jpeg
Fleur de Passion in the Gulf of Aqaba, July 2021. Credit Transnational Red Sea Center/Guilhem Ban-Prandi
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